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Registered in England & Wales No: 01739870

Cocowell Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (v) (gf) (og) / 3x500ml share your thoughts about us on facebook Share your thoughts about Cocowell Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (v) (gf) (og) on Twitter

After almost a year of preparation period there we are: cocowell is out in the market as the authentic image of the perfect matured water of a young, green coconut. Cocowell is available in 2 variants: cocowell as premium quality coconut water and in BIO-quality. I am very pleased to present you the authentic taste of a thousands of years well known source of tropical enjoyment and ayurvedic healing. I take opportunity to thank all who helped me to aim and to achieve leadership in quality!
Allergy Info: none we know of - if you have any verifiable information regarding allergies relating to this item, please let us know

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