Belvoir Homemade Lemonade / 12x250ml
  • A classic summer's day reviver. Traditional, home-made lemonade packed with whole organic lemons for a real zingy flavour. Become everyone's favourite host by pulling a chilled bottle of our organic lemonade from the fridge on a long, hot summer's day. Belvoir organic lemonade is made to an orginal home-made recipe. Whole organic lemons are pressed then the rinds are cooked to extract the lemon oil, before blending it with lightly sparkling Belvoir spring water to give a really zesty, refreshing taste. Serve it chilled over ice as a refreshing alternative to alcohol. Also you will discover it's great for cocktails, and a delicious mixer that goes well with gin or vodka.

  • None we know of - if you have any verifiable information regarding allergies relating to this item, please let us know
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