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Al'Fez is a range of foods based on and inspired by the cuisines of North Africa and the Middle East; or more concisely: Moroccan and Lebanese foods. I'd like to say that the Al'Fez brand was conceived in 1998 but in reality the reason for the brand's existence goes back many years before that; because so much of what the range represents now is owed to my experiences as a child growing up in the Middle East. Picture a bustling souk in the heart of Jerusalem's Arab quarter in the 1970's where as a child I would experience all the colourful aromas and tastes of simple yet amazingly delicious foods. I will never forget dipping a type of sesame bagel - freshly made of course - in wonderful Za'atar wrapped in small and a tightly folded newspaper cutting, or sitting in one of the many cafes enjoying freshly made houmous generously drizzled with the richest Jordanian olive oil and freshly baked pitta bread; followed by a typical Arab dessert cut in giant round trays, drenched in orange blossom syrup.
Allergy Info: none we know of - if you have any verifiable information regarding allergies relating to this item, please let us know

£22.20 / 6x500g

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